I provide Individual therapy for adults, addressing depression and anxiety, grief and loss, anger and shame, and transition issues. I specialize in issues of identity and self-esteem. Individual sessions are 50 minutes and I see clients a minimum of once a week. Higher frequency can be helpful for some, and we can discuss this option if relevant.

In individual therapy, you will have a space that is dedicated exclusively to you and your development. Together we will explore your thoughts and feelings, allowing us to identify barriers that may be getting in the way of living the life you want. I will work with you to get to know all the different parts of you, especially the parts that are in conflict with one another. In this process, it is essential that we listen to and make room for, even the most difficult emotions. Through deep inquiry, we will get to know the full you, unlocking some of the conflicts that may bind you, while making room for newness, growth and change. You will be supported and challenged, with the unique opportunity to speak openly and with honesty about your experience.