What can I expect from therapy? 

Therapy provides an opportunity to more fully understand yourself and to better address difficulties you may be experiencing. Participating in therapy may result in a wide range of benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, a decrease in negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors, increased self confidence and self esteem,  improved interpersonal relationships, more comfort in social, work, and family settings, and an increased capacity for intimacy. Therapy is a highly collaborative process, in which both therapist and client work together towards making positive changes. Participating in therapy may involve some discomfort, including remembering and discussing unpleasant feelings, events and experiences. During therapy, some clients report feeling worse before they feel better, while others report feeling better immediately. Please feel free to talk to me about any concerns you have regarding what to expect from therapy.

How long does therapy last? 

There is no standard length of time for therapy. The length of a therapy depends on the needs and desires of each client and can very significantly. I will work closely with you to best understand your specific needs and we together we will build a therapy that can address those needs. I welcome you to express your concerns about the course of length of therapy, as these feelings are an important part of the process. 

Cost  My fee is $150 per session. If you cannot afford my full fee, please tell me so we can discuss your options; I may be able to accommodate you, or provide an appropriate referral. I do have a limited number of sliding scale sessions available during the day for people who cannot afford a full fee.

Insurance I am what is considered an out of network provider. I can provide you with a monthly statement, which you can submit to your insurance company if you have a PPO. Reimbursement will depend on the details of your personal insurance policy.